Photos for the Ocean Photography Contest Entry

    Protect our Marine Environment

    North Carolina is home to some of the most diverse marine environments on the Atlantic Coast. From the elegant Red Drum tailing in the shallow marshes to the giant Sand Tiger Sharks dwelling on the deep ship wrecks, North Carolina’s marine ecosystems are truly amazing. However, as beautiful as they may be, they are equally fragile.The Photos for the Ocean contest for marine conservation is an effort designed to use the art of photography to support our coastal environments here in North Carolina. By entering a photo into this contest, you are helping preserve the great recreational benefits our coast provides us, from snorkeling to fishing to scuba diving. All proceeds from the entry fees are donated to the Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina, the leader of marine conservation non-profits in NC. Click here to learn more about the CCA of NC and their mission. If you do not wish to submit a photo but still want to support this project and marine conservation, you can donate to the CCA on behalf of Photos for the Ocean here.

    Here’s how the contest works:

    • Anyone can enter.
    • The contest is open for submissions from July 1st to September 5th.
    • Photos can be from anywhere around the world but must be yours and must relate to marine environments.
    • The entry fee is $10 for 1 photo, $15 for 2 photos, and $20 for 3 photos. There is not a limit on the number of photos each person can submit.
    • Each photo must be entered under one of two categories: topside (above water) or underwater.