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Joining CCA NC is one of the best things you can do to make sure that your voice is included in the rising tide of voices that support the sensible conservation of our coastal marine resources.

When you put a CCA NC sticker on your car, truck, or boat, you’re telling everyone that you will not stand idly by and let our finfish stocks be depleted to the point where they can’t possibly be recovered in our lifetime.  You’re telling your friends and family that you want to make sure that future generations will have an abundance of fish in our waters when they want to take their children and grandchildren fishing.


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Membership Levels

Standard Membership – $40.00, Coastal Caretaker Membership – $60.00, Rising Tide Membership (for children 0-18) – $10.00, Life Member – $1,000.00, Heritage Life Member – $5,000.00, Legacy Life Member – $10,000.00

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